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Waterfront Mansions of
Lake Washington

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- by Cap't Dave

Lake Washington Waterfront Mansion
Beautiful Lake Washington waterfront estates such as this line the Eastern shore around Hunts Point, Medina, and Meydenbauer Bay.

Imagine waking up in the morning and gazing out at a misty sunrise over a pristine body of water. Its silvery surface reflecting the blue skies and dreamy fortunes of the day ahead like a gigantic crystal ball. Out your back door lies the streets and power-lines that connect you like everyone else to the bustling city only moments away. But out your front door, on the edge of civilization, exists a mysterious watery realm that is in such sharp contrast to the world we live in that it can leave you almost speechless as you stare across its depths. In the summer you can watch a continual parade of activity pass by your private shore--jumping in to play with it at your whim. In the winter, you observe nature's furry as wind and waves perform a symphony of movement only yards away while you sip hot chocolate by a grand roaring fire place behind a stage of glass. Luxury waterfront living on Lake Washington is the quintessential measurement of success and affluence.

Lake Washington Waterfront Mansion
Expansive front lawns and manicured gardens beckon for a passerby's gaze.

Lake Washington waterfront property is among the most exclusive and highly coveted real estate in the United States. Along it's shorelines reside some of the wealthiest people in the world today including Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Craig McCaw, and Howard Schultz. It's shores have graced Seattle's well-to-do families for over a century and has been home to the founders of Boeing, Nordstrom, Oberto, Costco, QFC Stores, and many other well-known icons. Theses lavish estates range from a few million dollars into the tens of millions.

Lake Washington Waterfront Mansion
Lake Washington waterfront property is among the most exclusive real estate in North America.

The most exclusive nieborhoods can only be appreciated by water as iron gates and high hedges conceal these dream homes from public streets. On the east side of the lake are the private communities of Yarrow Bay, Hunts Point, Medina, and Meydenbauer Bay. For the Seattle side, it's Laurelhurst , Windermere, or Madison Park.

A water tour though these neighborhoods reveals a wide range of architectural styles from contemporary and modern to the bold and outlandish. You will find many of the older waterfront mansions to be generally stately and conservative. However, as resources were sometimes limitless, you will see the occasional hideous aberrations of mad money along the way.

The garden tour alone is worth a boat ride. The proximity to water makes for lush and extravagantly cultured oasis's. Beautifully manicured lawns ringed with islands of exotic flowers and vegetation--each estate beaconing to be featured on the next cover of a magazine.

This photo tour was provided by Cedar Wave Adventures by Sea, a Seattle-based classic boat charter and tour company offering private picnic boating excursions for small groups. Visit their website at for more information about private boat tours