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- by Cap't Dave

Seafair is a month-long summer celebration of community parades and festivities in Seattle culminating with the unlimited hydroplane races on Lake Washington. This last weekend of seafair is known to be the biggest floating party in the United States. Tens of thousands of people crowd the shores and scamper onto anything that floats--as long as it has some resemblance of a cup holder, its good to go. Each year, the Seattle parks department anchors a string of logs around the east side of the race course on the south side of the I-90 floating bridge. Boaters pay a fee to tie up on the log boom for the best view of the races. However, there are way more boats than log boom space, so the lake becomes somewhat of a free-for-all--like mardi gra on water. While it's a family event, you don't have to sit around long to see crazy drunks and topless girls in thong bikinis.

Lake Washington Seafair Log Boom Party
Seafair on Lake Washington is a dense flotilla of boats, beer bottles, and sunburned bodies.

It's not a place for timid boaters. Lake chop can reach up to five feet especially where boat traffic funnels under the floating bridges. There are usually a few sinkings each year attributed to overloaded craft in such sea conditions. Water balloons and water cannons fights are everywhere and you will be sure to sustain at least a few hits as you motor by boat loads of drunken idiots. All the while fending off swimmers who claim to have lost their boats, beer coolers or swimsuits just to get aboard to raid your stores.

Lake Washington Seafair Log Boom Party
Seafair Hydro Gold Cup races inspire large crowds to party at the log boom.

The Seafair logboom party rages on for two days . Saturday is qualifying day for the hydros, and Sunday is the big race. Most people in the floating mass of humanity pay little attention to the thunder boats racing off in the distance. It's more of a place to be seen, be cool and get drunk. At around noon, things quite down a bit as the Navy's Blue Angles roar overhead only yards above the highest sailboat mast. After the final race on Sunday, it's a mass exodus as everyone rushes to be get to the boat ramps and marinas around the lake.

for more information about the seafair logboom visit: