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Fishing Boats at Shipyard in Seattle
Alaska-bound fishing boats make repairs before the treacherous winter fishing Seasons in the Bering Sea.

Despite the recent splurge in waterfront condo construction, Seattle is first and foremost a working port city. Since it's beginning, entrepreneurs and industrialist flocked here for the abundant natural resources. Timber, fish, coal, and gold have all left their mark on Seattle's waterfront.

Bulk Freighter on the Seattle Waterfront
A grain bulk carrier awaits it's birth at the grain terminal on Seattle's waterfront.

Today, the majority of the work that happens here is centered around trade and shipping. Being several days closer to Japanese and Asian ports by ship travel than from LA and San Francisco, Seattle is a major US trade center--transporting thousands of containers per week to the interior of the country. Everything from cars, household goods, clothing and food swings from the heavy lifting cables of the ports giant cranes.

Todd Shippyards Seattle
Todd Shipyard with downtown Seattle in the background.

There are many ship yards and boat yards can be seen along the waterways too. The largest is Todd Shipyard on Elliot Bay. But several other shipyards with floating drydocks and railways are part of the working waterfront. Commercial fuel docks, cold storage warehouses, tug & barge operations, construction companies, sand & gravel yards, and cement plants can be seen along the busy shoreline.

This photo tour was provided by Cedar Wave Adventures by Sea, a Seattle-based classic boat charter and tour company offering private picnic boating excursions for small groups. Visit their website at for more information about private boat tours.