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(Articles about the natural dynamics and conservation issues of the Puget Sound region)

Stinky Beaches May Hold Source for New Alternative Energy
In recent decades, waterfront property owners and beach visitors along the shores of Puget Sound have experienced an increasingly noxious smell during the hot summer months of July and August. The stench has caused some beach-front residents...

MAKING CLAMS PAY: The Big Bad Geoduck
The Geoduck, also known as king clams, is the largest burrowing clam in the world. It makes its home in the cool local waters of Washington, British Columbia and even as far North as the Alaska Panhandle...

KITSAP CUT: Circulation May be Key to Improving Puget Sound Water Quality?
Puget Sound was randomly created by the forces of nature. For eons, life adapted and thrived in the unique topography of the region. - A delicate balance between the rain-wash off the...

SOUND BEACHES: Losing More Than Just Shady Sands
Has waterfront Development on Puget Sound had a profound effect on fish stocks? There has been much debate over the years as to what contributed to the decline in many fish species on the Puget Sound...