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Author: Pamela LaSalle

The travel bug bit early in Pamela's life. Traveling alone at six from Georgia to New York, Pamela knew that visiting new places would play an exciting role in her life. At sixteen, Pamela moved to Austria to attend boarding school, and since then has traveled several times to Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Tahiti. Another life-changing travel experience was a visit to a middle-eastern country that today would raise more than eyebrows.

In 2001, Pamela and her husband chartered a small sailboat and sailed from the island of Taha'a. to Bora Bora. It was an experience that she won't soon forget -- but that is another story.

In August 2001, she drove across the country with her husband on an 8 week trip visiting almost every national park and scenic byway and would have continued on had 911 not happened.

There are still continents and countries yet to conquer, and plans to make to get there, in the meantime, Pamela will continue to explore local surroundings and write - biding time for the next great opportunity to experience another culture and gain memories.