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About Puget Sound

Puget Sound is technically most southerly part of what was once known to early settlers as the Salish Sea. Now officially referred to by geography buffs as the Georgia Basin, this inland sea spanning from Olympia, Washington to Campbell River, BC encompasses several names--The Straits of Juan de Fuca, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Georgia Straits, and Discovery Islands to name a few. From our perspective, it's all part of the greater Puget Sound region. This section of our directory is dedicated to providing you with information about this amazing inland sea.


Find out about the geological, maritime, and native history around the shores of what was once known to ealy explorers as the the Salish Sea. Puget Sound and British, Columbia host dozens of incredible museums and historical sites.


Find out about the organizations that are helping to preserve and protect the Puget Sound Region. We've compiled a comprehensive list of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and institutions with a stake in the Pacific Northwest.


Find out about the climate, weather patterns and regional weather anomalies that shape the Pacific Northwest.