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ROMANCE BY THE WATER: How to Find the Perfect B&B

There is nothing more romantic than finding a cozy little bed and breakfast with an expansive view of the sea. For most people, the whole idea behind going to a B&B is for the relaxation, ambiance and personalized attention far removed from the constant buzz of activity associated with large hotels and resorts that seem to apply a kind of honeycomb approach to packing guests into there vacations suites.

Getting Your Feet Wet

It's a shame that so many people are afraid to get their feet wet in Puget Sound. Maybe it's that the water temperature stays at about 48 degrees year round. - Rain snow or sun, much of the water in the greater Georgia Basin mysteriously stays cold and perceptively uninviting. The reason for the cold is the constant supply of deep, fresh ocean water that cycles ever so slowly down from the Gulf of Alaska; joined by the cool river waters fed by melting glaciers and rainstorm run off deep in the high elevations of the Cascades and Olympic Mountains.

Mothership Kayaking

Kayaking is the most personal and peaceful way to connect your soul with the natural beauty of Puget Sound. For those who partake in self-propelling their human bodies alongside the sleek bodies of whales and seals down under share a common sense of existence. - At least until feeding time. The downside to kayak trips is the lack of space for all those modern day conveniences.

Save the Salmon, Chef

What to do when you dried out your salmon - Salmon is one of the easiest things to cook. It's also one of the easiest things to screw up. What I mean by screw up, is when you take an expensive piece of salmon and just simply cook the juice out of it. There is a world of difference between properly cook moist and juicy salmon and one that's so dry, it sucks the moisture right out of you mouth.

SOUND BEACHES: Losing More Than Just Shady Sands

Has waterfront Development on Puget Sound had a profound effect on fish stocks? There has been much debate over the years as to what contributed to the decline in many fish species on the Puget Sound. Some argue that oil waste runoff from freeways and parking lots contribute the most damage, others claim chemical laden sewage from failing drainage fields and unchecked outfalls is the culprit. No one doubts that the toxins from decades of heavy industry have taken its toll on the health of the waters in Puget Sound. Other suspicious activities such as bilge water from far away ports containing critters that don't belong here.

Squidillyishes - A Byte About Puget Sound Squid

The Puget Sound is a transitory winter home and breading ground for tiny bite size squid that peruse the Eastern Pacific seaboard most of the year. They follow the flood tides in mass schools and are drawn towards bright shore lights in the black hours of night. When the greedy little "Loligo Opalescens" are in, they are both easy and illusive prey for fishermen willing to brave the chilly night air. It depends on their mood.