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Expressions of Humanty:
Artist Barbara Hall

The transference of emotion to visual imagery is among the most challenging endeavors an artist can undertake. Seeking a methodology to put thoughts into static visions that convey something beyond rudimentary stimulus is perhaps the Holy Grail of modern creation.

In Search of Emily Carr

The dark majesty of a Pacific Northwest forest is difficult to represent. Photographs can't really depict the immensity, the silence, the spirituality. The written word often comes off as hyperbole, if not cliche. But, as if by sorcery, the paintings of Emily Carr pull us in and allow us to feel what is there. To look at a canvas by this British Columbian artist makes the instincts twitch and the subconscious senses surface.

Living Legend:
Tacoma "Old West" Artist,
Fred Oldfield

In 1918 the First World War in Europe was slowing coming to an end, and the influenza pandemic was in full force. Amidst these harsh obstacles a young boy by the name of Fred Oldfield was born in the small town of Alfalfa, Washington. Born to a family of ten he lived his young days in a covered wagon traveling throughout the Northwest finding whatever work he could. He remembers the distinct details of learning how to build a fire with sagebrush and cow chips and he developed a knack at fixing wagons.

The Secrets of Antique
Hunting Around Puget Sound

Antiques are the left over artifacts of stories lost to time as people and relationships died. Reduced to a mere transactions, these objects of antiquity live on to gather new spirits. Local antique hunting is a way to get a glimps of how people once lived. Half the fun with antiquing is the hunt--learning about and rediscovering the hidden secrets of the past.